Benefits of Sight seeing tour Bermuda

With its coral reef-lined beaches, charming colonial towns, and lush nature trails, Bermuda overflows with beauty and intrigue. While DIY exploring promises adventure, joining a thoughtfully crafted Sight seeing tour Bermuda and packages eliminates logistical hassles so you can fully immerse in the island’s magnificence.


Look no further than Expert local guides, Exclusive Transportation Services unlock hidden histories, navigate off-the-beaten paths and share cultural insights you’d otherwise miss. Whether by boat or bus, we provide insider access for unlocking Bermuda’s hidden charms. There are various benefits of sightseeing excursions Bermuda, through this blog you will know about the advantages and what sightseeing service we offer.

Cultural & Heritage Tours:

Explore pastel-hued towns, historic forts and museums with expert context on colonial life for history buffs. Food tours also showcase Bermudian culinary traditions.

Beach & Adventure Tours:

Snorkel or dive the coral reefs, walk hidden coastal trails or kayak the crystal caves for outdoorsy travelers then relax on pink sand beaches.

Boat & Cruise Tours:

Set sail on catamarans to snorkel or party. Book longer offshore cruises for deep sea fishing, dolphin swims or sunset champagne toasts.

Nature & Park Tours:

Meander through lush nature reserves and gardens learning about endemic plants and wildlife native only to Bermuda. 

Photography & Custom Tours:

Choose specialized packages catering to photographers, art lovers or adventure seekers for bespoke experiences.

What does Exclusive Transportation offer?

Our services for signature tours include destinations like Gibbs’s Hill Lighthouse, Pink Sand Beach, City of Hamilton, North shore scenic view to St. George’s Square, shopping and lunch in St. George’s, then back to your destination.

We provide PARADISE WRAP-UP tour which includes:

Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse – Scale the 185 steps to the top of Bermuda’s iconic lighthouse for panoramic island views and photo ops. Completed in 1846, it stands as the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world. 

Pink Sand Beach – Walk along the dreamy blush shores that make Bermuda world famous. Dig your toes into the soft, finely crushed coral sand.

St. George’s Town – Step back in time wandering this colonial UNESCO World Heritage site established in 1612 as Bermuda’s first capital. Its winding alleys, traditional buildings, museums and St. Peter’s Church evoke the island’s storied history. 

City of Hamilton – Spend an hour exploring the vibrant capital’s boutiques, galleries and harbor front. Find souvenirs at famous Front Street stores Flying Colors and Brown & Co. 

Governor’s House – Perched atop 44 sprawling acres, this majestic house has been the official residence of Bermuda’s Governor since 1801. Gaze at its hilltop views.

Throughout the full-day adventure, our expert driver-guides enrich sightseeing with insider stories while ensuring a smooth journey across parishes. This tour is of 5 hours which starts at 10:00 am and ends at 1:00 pm, the cost of this sightseeing tour Bermuda is $85 per person in which the children under the age of 5 have free entry. If you want to know about our sightseeing tours and tour packages Bermuda, checkout our website.

Choosing the Best Sightseeing Tour

Consider activity levels, timeframe and budget when selecting tours for your travel party. Prioritize must-see attractions and then determine package scope – a single half-day tour or a multi-day itinerary. For families, look for kid-friendly options. Solo travelers may prefer small group tours to meet others.

Exclusive Transportation Services offers amazing sightseeing packages Bermuda, it isnow easier to find, Bermuda’s natural and cultural treasures stay ready for discovery. Let the island magic unfold on insider-led adventures revealing the very best of Bermuda.

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