diaspora African heritage tour

Diaspora African Heritage Tour

This is a 5 to 6-hour tour enriched with the history of enslaved and freed slaves accomplishments and achievements between 1615 and 1834. Traveling from any location, cruise ship, Airbnb, or hotel to the Cobb’s Hill Methodist Church, built by enslaved blacks and freed slave, for them to have a place to worship, after the completion of each workday. Moving along to Front Street, Hamilton to the Sally Bassett statue, a slave accused to allegedly poisoning her master and sentence to death by setting her afire on a stake. Barr’s Bay Park is where the Enterprise slave ship stopped one day after slavery was abolished in 1834. Our last stop in Hamilton is in the heart of the city where When Voices Rise statue sits representing the emancipation of segregation in Bermuda in 1959. At this time, you will have 1-hour free time in the City of Hamilton to grab a bite and do some shopping. Our journey continues through Court Street to St. George’s where we will visit Tucker’s House, and Pilot Darrell’s home. You will have 30 minutes’ walkabout in St. George’s. Our final stop will be the Spittle Pond Nature Reserve where you will visit a runaway slave’s cave named after him, called Jeffrey’s Cave.
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