Signature Sightseeing Tour

Signature Sightseeing Tour
  • Start Time: 10:00 am
  • End Time: 3:00 pm
  • Children under 5 Free
  • Cost: $85 per person


Paradise Wrap-up travels through the entire island with 4 get out attraction spots.  Our experienced tour guide will share Bermuda history throughout the journey and stop at the following attractions:


  1. Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse – oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world
  2. Pink Sand Beach – take a walk and some pictures on the pink sand beach
  3. Old Town St. George’s -30 minutes’ walk-a-bout this old town such places as St. Peter’s church, museums and more.
  4. City of Hamilton (1-hour) – shop at the famous Flying Colors and across the street to Brown & Co. for souvenirs.
  5. Governor’s House – Sits on top of the hill of 44 acres of land.
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Our services for signature tours include destinations like Gibbs’s Hill Lighthouse, Pink Sand Beach, City of Hamilton, North shore scenic view to St. George’s Square, shopping and lunch in St. George’s, then back to your destination. The tour will last for 5 hours in which our experienced chauffeurs will ensure maximum fun.


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