Paradise Fun In The Sun

Paradise Fun In The Sun
  • Children under 5 Free
  • Cost: $150 per person

Paradise Fun In The Sun

This daytime and nighttime event is filled with so much fun, games, music, and entertainment. Come and join us with a Bermudian Style picnic event during the day and a Bum Fire BBQ by night. Whether day or night, it is nothing more than Paradise Fun!
Your experienced tour guide will give you a sightseeing tour to your destination. Whether you are by yourself or in a group, sign up for this relaxing excursion. avoid the crowds, and long food lines at the Horseshoe Bay beach, which by the way, is next door to our location. (Take a walk through the trail and visit). Do not forget to come back!
Included in this beach excursion is transportation to and from the beach, lunch, 10×20 canopies stretched across the shoreline with chairs, or mats to relax on the soft pink sand when not swimming in the refreshing, clear Teal water, and a Photo Booth to capture your memories.

Exclusive Transportation Services


6-8 Hours

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  • Opened to visitors and locals.
  • Plan a private event for your bridal party and guests.
  • Make it a birthday event.
  • Can leave at any time before the event ends.

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