Bermuda Island Beaches

Bermuda Island Beaches
  • Children under $20
  • Cost: $165 per person

Bermuda Island Beaches

There are many different beaches to choose from in Bermuda, with or without the pink hue. Some beaches are ideal for sunbathing and catching up on your favorite novel while others attract a more active crowd. Consider what your perfect beach day looks like, and pick the beach that’s just right for you!

Here are our picks for other top beaches in Bermuda:

  • For snorkeling, try Tobacco Bay Beach in St. George where coral androck formations attract a variety of marine life.
  • John Smith’s Bay Beach, a small beach favored by locals, is quiteprivate and set back from the road. Plus, it has several interestinglimestone formations!
  • Elbow Beach is named for the long gentle arc of the shore,resembling a bent elbow. It’s known for calm waters, beautiful reefs,and a shipwreck that’s just off the shore.
  • Found at the bottom of a fairly steep hiking path, getting to AstwoodCove is definitely worth the effort—especially for birdwatchers. It’s

surrounded by cliffs that attract a huge population of Bermuda Longails, who are fascinating to watch swoop en masse from above. •A hidden gem, Hog Bay is a secluded beach that is reached through Hog Bay Park. While it is only accessible during low tide, it offers a private retreat and a setting straight out of the movies.

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LOOK FOR THE ISLAND TRAM SIGN – The Tram takes you to ANY of the pink sand beaches of your choice.
Venture into the beautiful pink sand experience on the Southern side of Bermuda. Your experienced tour guide will give you a sightseeing tour to your destination. Whether you are by yourself or in a group sign up for this relaxing excursion, avoid the crowds, and long food lines at the Horseshoe Bay beach, which by the way, is next door to our location. (Take a walk through the trail and visit) Do not forget to come back! Included in this Excursion is transportation to and from the beach, lunch, 10×20 canopies stretched across the shoreline with chairs, or mats to relax on the soft pink sand when out not swimming in the refreshing, clear blue water, and a Photo Booth to capture your memories.
LUNCH includes: Both Packages
Jerk chicken, wahoo fish nuggets, chicken wings, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken burgers,
hotdogs, fries, rice, and coleslaw
Garden salad or Caesar salad


SOFT DRINKS Cola, Pepsi, ginger beer, ginger ale, and water ALCOLHOL Beer, swizzle, and breezers Select the beach you wish to go to and fill out the rest of the information on the sheet. Round Trip Prices: INCLUDES ONLY TRANSPORTATION COST Cost per person $30 Children under 4 years free (sit in lap) Children under 12 years $20 Beaches: Church Bay Beach, Horseshoe Bay Beach, Warwick Long Bay, and Jobson’s Cove, Stone hole Beach, Chaplin Bay, Coco Reef, and Elbow Beach.

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